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Dial 6-Bolt Boost Rear Hub

This page covers everything you'll need to own and maintain a Dial 6-Bolt Boost Rear Hub

Drillings: 28 hole /  32 hole
Max rotor size: 203mm
Spoke compatibility: J-bend

Exploded Diagram & Service Guide

Service Guide: Rear hub quick service

This guide will take you through the service of a Dial rear hub. We’ll remove the freehub body, clean everything, inspect for damage, re-grease, re-assemble and test the hub.

Freehub Bodies

All of the complete freehub bodies compatible with this hub are shown below. Both the "Road / Gravel" and "Mountain / Adventure" freehub bodies are compatible and interchangeable with this hub - simply select the one best suited to how you're using your Dial hub.

Please note freehub bodies do NOT include endcaps as these will depend on the frame type you're using.

Expand the yellow endcap section below to see if you'll need a new endcap when swapping from one type of freehub body to another.

Road and Gravel

Mountain and Adventure


Your Dial rear hub can be changed to fit many different hub widths, axle diameters, and freehub body types because of its modular design. 

Different endcaps might be required when either changing freehub body type, or when moving your Dial hub from one bike to another.

Endcaps Needed for Hub conversions: