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Aluminium vs Steel Axles

Our Dial philosophy is to provide options so the Dial platform can be used by as many different riding types as possible.

We produce Dial axles in both 4140 steel and 7075 aluminium.

Aluminium axles are lighter but more likely to suffer from cracking or show witness marks with use.  Steel axles are more durable but heavier.

Identifying axle material

Aluminium axles are lighter in colour and labelled A01 or A02. Steel axles are either shiny silver labelled A80 or A82 or black oxide labelled A78. The second number is the axle length (NOT the width of the hub).

For example A02-131 is an aluminium axle which is 131mm in length.

Which is right for me?

For road, light gravel, and XC race use we suggest using the aluminium axle to save weight.

For heavier road riders, intense gravel, or most mountain bike applications the steel axle will be more durable.

Buy replacement axles

Which axle do I need?  Our Service Center will guide you to all of the parts and knowledge needed to service and maintain your Dial hub