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Quick Release

Quick release hubs are held into the frame or fork with a 5mm quick release skewer which goes through the hub.


There are two key aspects to a thru-axle hub:

  1. Thru-axle hubs have a large diameter axle which threads into the frame or fork. 
  2. The hubs endcaps rest on a specially designed shelf inside the frame or fork.  This makes installing the wheel easier.


Thru-bolts look very similar to thru-axles at first glance, however a thru-bolt does NOT thread into the frame or fork. Instead, it relies on its own included nut, and the hubs endcaps do NOT rest inside the frame or fork.  Thru-bolts are uncommon on modern bikes and have generally been replaced with thru-axles.

Thru-bolt front hubs tend to have a 9mm shaft diameter. Thru-bolt rear hubs tend to have either a 10mm or 12mm shaft diameter.

Here’s an example of a front thru-bolt with its nut: