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What's a Torque Cap?

Torque Caps increase the contact face of the hub from 19mm to a whopping 31mm to increase front-end stiffness.

You can use a 'regular' 15mm thru-axle hub in a Torque Cap fork, however the correct Torque Caps will increase wheel stiffness and make installing the front wheel easier as the wheel will locate the thru-axle faster.

Rockshox is the primary manufacturer using Torque Caps and they have produced both 100mm non-Boost and 110mm Boost forks with Torque Caps.


These instructions are the same for either a Boost or Non-Boost hub shell.  

The outcome of installing Torque Caps onto a non-Boost hub shell will be 100x15mm 

The outcome of installing Torque Caps onto a Boost hub shell will be 110x15mm

Step 1: Removing existing endcaps

Remove the old endcaps.  This is the hardest part of the job as the endcaps use a tapered seal to securely hold them in place and keep water out. Removing the endcap requires folding the V shaped seal back on itself.

Step 2: Installing the non-disc endcap

Push E28 onto the hub and check it’s fully seated on the bearing

Step 3: Installing the disc side endcap inner

Push the E01 section of the disc side endcap onto the hub and check it’s seated correctly against the bearing.

Step 4: Installing the disc rotor

Install the rotor and lockring as per the manufacturers instructions. 

You will need to use the 'bottom bracket type' rather than 'cassette type' lockring.

Step 5: Installing the disc side endcap outer

Push the E30 endcap outer onto the E01 endcap inner.