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How Do I Know What Width My Hub Is?

There are multiple "standards" of hub width depending on your frame and fork. This can be confusing to keep track of but is very important to get right to ensure you're getting the correct service parts.

If you're not 100% sure then please measure. Some parts like endcaps and freehub bodies are the same for all widths but other parts like axles and spacers are not.

Best way: Measure between the flanges

With the hub laced into a wheel, the easiest way to determine the width of your Dial hub is to measure between the hub flanges with a ruler or tape measure.

A rear hub example is shown here, however the process is the same for front and rear hubs.

Second way: Measure hub over locknut

For Thru-axle hubs

If your hub has thru-axle endcaps fitted then you can measure the outside width of these which is called the "Over locknut" or OLD.

  • Non-Boost hubs measure 135mm or 142mm OLD
  • Boost hubs measure 148mm OLD
  • Super Boost hubs measure 150mm or 157mm OLD

This video will show you how to measure:

Second way: Measure hub over locknut

For quick release hubs

If your hub has quick release endcaps fitted you can either measure the distance between where the endcaps contact your frame (called the "Over locknut" or OLD) or the widest part of the hub ("widest-width").

Front hubs

• Non-Boost hubs measure 100mm OLD or 108mm widest-width
• Boost hubs measure 110mm OLD or 118mm widest-width

Rear hubs

• Non-Boost hubs measure 135mm OLD or 145mm widest-width
• Boost hubs measure 141mm OLD or 151mm widest-width
• Super-Boost hubs measure 150mm OLD or 160mm widest-width